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Live Online Mystery
Created by Russell & Amber Sebastian


Hello, and thank you for visiting Live Online Mystery!  

My wife and I came up with this crazy idea in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Since 2014, We have owned and operated an Escape Room in Grapevine Texas (The Grapevine Escape, check it out!).  Due to the tragic explosion of COVID-19, our business was shut down from March 21st to June 4th.  Still, we wanted to continue to explore our creative side while finding ways to bring entertainment to people who were stuck at home like we were.  And then it hit us.

Our background is community theater - we love being on stage, working with actors and talent across the DFW metroplex.  Sadly, we also knew the theater community was also impacted.  Why not merge these ideas together and bring it online?  The only catch - we wanted it INTERACTIVE - the escape room was coming out in full force.  So, we wrote and directed online theater experiences where participants can guess the culprit, then see if they were right!  Missing Millions Mystery was our first foray into this exciting entertainment, and we have many more planned.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy our ORIGINAL, LIVE shows!

Russell & Amber Sebastian

Live Online Mystery

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