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Murder For Real
Murder for Real Cast
Ivana Savital.......................................Christina Ha
Marco Repo...................................Thomas Martin
Louden Strong........................................Tom Diaz
Mindy Mudd..........................................Alecia Ellis
Sylvia Epstein..................................Celina Blanks
Buck Young...............................Thomas Norman
Anita Robbs...............................Stefanie Williams
Stingy Lowball.....................................Chris Shaw
Kitty Katz.........................................Rebecca Elliot
Carly Sparkle..............................Sydnee Shorten

Murder For Real - Show Notes

Lockton MFR

October 6 Notes - INTRODUCTION

Acting Live!
This is LOTS of fun
If you have never acted before, that is OK!
Acting on Zoom means you get your script to fall back on - it is right in front of you!
However, it has to look normal, so we have to know the script, just use it when needed
There will be an Introduction, a Death Scene, Q&A, Intermission, Final Scene, and a Wrap Up.
What to expect using Zoom / Facebook Live
Introduction to Zoom
Gallery / Mute / Start VIdeo /
Panelists vs Guests vs. Host
Guests video cannot be seen
Guests will be able to chat questions to the Host
Actors will answer questions that the Host sends Recording rehearsals
All rehearsals will be recorded, and the notes will be transcribed
Will be available on the Portal website. Portal Website:
https://www.liveonlinemystery.com/lockton-mfr-rehearsals password: reality
If you have any conflicts with any of these dates, please contact Amber

Head space / Character location
When acting, note your head space - you should take up 1/3 of the screen How we will communicate by text
There will be an ongoing group text for offline communication

Lighting & sound
Mute is your friend... and your enemy.
You will have to mute yourself a number of times, so please get comfortable with it, and KNOW the status!
Nothing worse than acting on mute!
Find a quiet (or the quiet-est) place to perform in your household.
Ensure you have adequate lighting from the front and back.
Try to mitigate any shadows
Can help by keeping a rather empty background, if possible
Where people are in the virtual space
There will be entrances and exits
When you turn your camera OFF, it changes your location to the audience, and to your actors Props:
Acting with assets is fun! BUT - they only work if you know where the next person is!
We will get into this in a later rehearsal
How to act "in a box"
Dino arms
Forward / backward movement towards the camera to make a point (or to cowere from a certain situation) How to read a script without looking like you are reading a script
Put your script on your monitor directly below your camera.
Use your mouse button to scroll your script Costumes
Costumes are the actors' responsibility... however, it is only from the waist up! Volume / Movement
Too loud will pop the speaker
Too quiet will not get picked up by the speaker.
Talk in a normal voice, slightly elevated just like if someone said "what did you say"? Your character:
Be thinking about who you are, who you know, how you know them, why so you want to kill Stingy?
You will be reacting to questions that you didn't rehearse
You have to think outside the box while staying in character

October 11 Notes - FIRST AND FINAL

Video Moments: Character Introductions: (00:00:08) Audience Questionnaire: (00:22:25) Props / Costumes (00:25:32) Acting - Screen Location: (00:35:30) Where is Everyone? Game: (00:52:08) Note: This video does *not* reflect what the audience will see! Scene 1: (01:02:00) Notes: (01:26:18) Scene 2: (01:33:02) Final Notes: (01:42:28) NOTE: Any specific video moments in the notes below will be formatted (XX:XX:XX) Tech / Schedule: Russ and I did discuss October 20th. This rehearsal will now be ONLY first and final scenes (run twice), not a full run. This will allow us to get comfortable with all characters on screen. General

  • Everyone needs to have a bit more passion in their delivery. Especially need to believe each of them had a motive and would be capable of killing Stingy.
  • Angrier, more desperate, etc. - whatever pertains to your character
  • Remember when you are on camera, you are seen. Need to stay in character, only drink water from champagne glasses, react to others, but not too big to pull focus.
  • Everyone should nod when Marco says the court will go light on Anita, since it was Stingy.
  • Try to match head space. Try to have the camera at eye level, it will help!
  • Try to have your script "above" the monitor - it wiill help bring your eyes to the right place.
  • If you can connect your system directly to the internet with an ethernet cable, it will save you potential buffering and network issues. Its worth it if it is possible.
1) Marco Repo – not sure about the vampire part. Right now the voice is sounding too much like a throat cancer victim? Don’t want to offend anyone? Maybe try a different angle with Marco? Liked the line delivery in the final scene…very well read! Give us a bit more flirty with Mindy…ohh Mindy. (01:40:15) Marco/Ivana - "Did it, No you didn't, Yes I Did, No you didn't." - REmember that you are both very convicted that you are right. That is a fun bit when it goes back and forth. 2) Kitty – Love where you are going! Flirt even more! Very Good energy overall. Nice camera movement. Let’s play a bit with using your words more sexually. The line is reality – we can work on how to say it – just remind me – it’s a tricky one 😊 (01:03:05) "slept with the wrong judge". Maybe say that as an aside to yourself as a funny joke, then come back full to the camera. 3) Louden – (current line change – please note) We need to see Louden’s anger. He gets pissed and then tries to control himself – almost like Louden has been in counseling for it. Try to chanel some anger next time. Find your line where you can go up and down on volume. 4) Sylvia – Need to see a more "git'er done" type of woman! You own a business – show your bravery, your loud mouth! Think big fat Greek wedding type. Get more angry with Stingy. You know he stole that bible..let us know that! When you do the gun finger, the thumb needs to go down to pull the trigger. 5) Carly – Show us that you are as dirty as Stingy is. You will do ANYTHING to win. Show us how with your movements. Find some words in your lines that show how nasty you can be. 6) Mindy – Give me some wrestler movement. Maybe watch some TV about wrestlers. Their movement is just unique. Also – tell us that you also like Marco when you talk to him. He likes you..and you are very excited about that! 7) Anita – Good character development so far. Give her a bit more politician. Hand gestures. Facial movements (chin up type thing). These people are beneath you. Let us see that. 8) Stingy - needs more Larry the neighbor from Three's Company. Slimy, ladies man. Work on the death scene. Needs to be over dramatic so that the next line makes sense. (Script line change about the bible – please note) 9) Buck – Handsome, suave... BUT he has a temper. A bad temper. Let us see your temper get the best of you sometimes. Hold up your fists. Get into that camera space. 10) Ivana - Love the accent work. Accents are hard because actors tend to get quieter when we use them. Keep up the volume. Make sure we know how upset you are that you ALLOWED Stingy to get you drunk and get that newspaper. (01:04:30) Ivana/Kitty - When you ask for the microphone, reach for it. At the same time, Kitty, move the microphone away from Ivana. You guys are doing so great!!! We are so proud of you!

October 18 Notes - MINDY, KITTY, BUCK

Mindy Mudd D F W W W F – keep it spaced out wit h your sts in the air and your face to the camera. Millions…even Thousands (too funny) keep that thought in there Name o# the guys..then realize you picked S&ngey to have rela&ons with…really? Going Back to (pause straight into the camera ) ME Carwash SLASH Temple- hilarious! What the other Mindy said about her ques&ons from the last performance: Do you know Marco has a crush on you? Are you violent like most wrestlers? Who have you worked with in the past in your TV and lm career? How did you meet S&ngy? What TV shows or movies were you famous for? Do you have access to poison? Did you eat or drink anything at the pre-party? Kitty Katz If you have his secret, will Buck sleep with you now? Loved the BEYOND parts keep it. Just make sure you keep whatever you want to do in the camera frame Her lines are so much fun..because she is always trying to nd a way to manipulate. Much like the real housewives show. Be6er, sexier and smarter than all of us. React when Buck says drinking – that’s another secret! Take it easy line – react to him. Buck will hopefully get mad which helps bring that line to life LOVED the ear thing – keep it! Bachelor – great punch on that word! Audience needs to understand he is married and a bachelor? What the other Ki6y said about her ques&ons from the last performance: Did you kill S&ngy? How many people have you slept with? Do you have access to poison? Do you decide who gets TV shows on the network? Did you eat or drink anything at the pre-party? Do you like Louden’s food? Buck Young Mindy line. Remember to show us how you feel about sleeping with Minday We need to see more anger. We need to know that Buck could kill if he was angry enough. Fists were great! The line about take it easy that Ki6y has to say – give her something that makes her say it I kinda am – great – perfect to get into the camera and look around as you are delivering it Make sure you say drinking with ar&cula&on. Does he really believe she drinks too much? What the other Ki6y said about her ques&ons from the last performance: Did you eat or drink anything at the pre-party? How long have you and Carly been married? Is Amber Marie your child? Does Carly ask you to hurt li6le girls to win the compe&&on? Do you have access to poison? Have you cheated on Carly? What if the network nds out? Do you kill Stingy for Carly?

October 19 Notes - IVANA / SYLVIA & MARCO / LOUDEN

Ivana Savitall
When walking things through your mind, show us physically "walking" to the spots
Your “things” are important – almost like you are flaunting a husband. You are absolutely doting on your things!
"Regretfully, I did sell…" this is the WORST thing that has happened to you
Theres been… an empty… hole (like you are looking for the words)
I think – they should be looking at Carly Sparkle – this is your alibi
I wonder who is going to get all of his stuff? Maybe… you are? Show that spark!

Hand gestures are great – just make sure you keep them in the camera frame

Empty Containers had a purpos

Tell us stories. Some happy and some tragedy

The newspaper headline – show us

Regretfully – make that more tragic

Visually tell us a story about going through your house looking for things

So “I” push that I was a suspect

Make sure your hands don’t go out of the box

Watch your speech rhythms, don’t get into a routine.

Watch the final word of each sentence, don’t swallow it.

Normal questions –

Did you eat the food or drink at the pre-party?

Do you love Stingy?

Did you kill him to get your stuff back?

Do you need money?

What did Anita do for you?

Sylvia and Marco
Nunchucks – GREAT! But don’t go too distracting!
Sylvia – can you put your script up top?
Marco – flip the sunglasses ON TO YOUR FOREHEAD. Find a way to take them off and point to the screen (or play the game between regular and sunglasses))
Remember to look at each other – especially when the other person is talking
Worked WELL together!

Marco – steady the camera – it is jumping?

Sylvia – What do you feel about Anita – show us 😊

Sylvia – Bargain – that word is important

Sylvia – make sure that script is close to the camera

Glance a bit to each other

Sylvia – get angry

Sylvia - react to the Mindy line

Marco – Nunchucks – snap them at the line about Mindy making your blood boil

Normal questions –

What kind of insurance policy do you have on the bible?

Who is the insurance beneficiary?

Why did you use Stingy’s monitoring company?

How long have you liked Mindy?

Did you Mindy had a thing with Stingy?

Was the video taken on the night of the theft?

Louden Strong My Brewery – think about that brewery! So proud!
Was a fake! (dismiss him.. then) OF course it was a fake!
My hollandaise – its like someone just called your kids ugly
As you are listing these off, it just pisses you off more and more and more.
They can’t cheat. They can’t lie.

When you go quiet, don’t go too quiet or stay quiet for too long

The wife story is a time to “act” more normal

Pretentious – yell the second one

Dead man sign (think) or lie..get more mad during that line

Make sur you scroll your script to stay by the camera

Watch your rhythmic timing. Highs and Lows

Accuse the other people with strength and anger.

Normal questions –

Did you eat and drink at the pre-party?

Who do you think killed Stingy?

Why did you buy a cheap mug from Stingy?

Are you having any relations with anyone?

Do you know about the bible?

October 20 Notes - FIRST AND FINAL

First Scene - Run 1 (00:11:25)

First Scene - Run 2 (00:53:29)

Final Scene - Run 1 (01:38:56)

Final Scene - Run 2 (01:59:07)

First Scene -

Buck get into the camera when you talk about headshots

Anita -great waves and fake politician smile!

Little Kitten – Anita remember to say that to Kitty like an insult, Kitty react

I vanna not E vanna

Stingy – Make sure we see the bible (and the writing) when you enter

Cut off people at the word right before their last word. If someone does not cut you off…keep talking.

Kitty - Magnificent…Book

If someone freezes, help them out

If someone drops a line, pick it up

If you are waiting for a line, just go on

Buck – Need to see more fists – believe me buddy line

Ivana – react when Stingy talks about your collections being uncomplete

Everyone – make sure any line about the video surveillance or the roach poison is clear throughout the whole show

Marco – straight to the camera during the I don’t see what women see in that man line

Kitty – Grapevine HorDDD I mean Collectors? Use that question mark

Sylvia – a BAD name

Final Scene

Everyone softly murmuring when you turn on your camera

Everyone freak out after Marco’s line about who the guilty party was

Sylvia – don’t get sweet in the end – keep her strong

Everyone react to Marco flirting with Mindy

Marco – Big ol’….motive

Face the actors with the Did did not lines happen

Everyone react when Marcp accuses someone

October 27 Notes

Not here yet! Check Back!

October 28 Notes - FINAL

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