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It is a crazy day at the Sittensteigh Dog Show!  Just as the winner was to be announced, the power goes out!  When lights are restored, beloved Piddles has gone missing.  Can you help determine what happened and return Piddles back to the rightful owner?

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Andi Benson (Piddles' Owner) – Andi loves her Piddles and is absolutely heartbroken that her dog is missing.  To make matters worse, Piddles was the front-runner to win BEST IN SHOW at the Sittensteigh Dog Show this year.  She will do whatever it takes to get her dog back in time to win.  Being the newest member of the dog show circuit, her lack of dog show rules may backfire on her.  This event could mark the end of her dog show competitions forever.  

Lawrence Rogalia (Brutus' Owner) – Both Lawrence and Brutus are training to compete in the Tri-Dog Triathlon this year.  Their determination and focus to win is based on training, supplements, more training, routine exercise, even more training, and strict adherence to schedule.  Brutus is a prestige bulldog, which has a natural advantage over other competitors.  Even so, sometimes bending the rules may be the edge Lawrence feels he needs to secure a win.

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Sharlene Meeks (Starla's Owner) – Sharlene is a strong advocate of mixed-breed equality at dog shows.  Her efforts are the primary driver behind changes in the Sittensteigh Dog Show rulebook to include mixed breeds as qualifying participants.  Those who are looking for more traditional dog show experience may grow weary of Sharlene's motivations.  Did she orchestrate the crime in order to bring attention to mixed breed equality? 

Marcia Blake (Cupcake's Owner) – Marcia is constantly baking.  Her retail store, Pupcakes & Pastries, serves both human and dog treats, designed with beautiful detail.  She believes that her appropriately-named dog "Cupcake" has a great shot at taking first place at the Sittensteigh Dog Show this year.  She donates pastries for many city events, including dog shows.  But is that just a way to gain an edge in the competition?

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Judy Smith (Dog Show Judge) – Judge Judy has been a staple of the Sittensteigh community for many years.  She relies on tradition and rules to ensure the beloved Sittensteigh Dog Show is met with fairness and equality.  She has her own personal skeletons in the closet, but she certainly doesn't let them ruin her reputation or her ability to run the Sittensteigh dog show each year.  Or... do they?

Kim Waldo (Dog Show Fan) – Kim is a super fan.  She is constantly looking for opportunities to gain fame and followers through meeting famous canines, blogging about their adventures, and promoting herself along the way.  Her social media is a full time job - in fact, it is the only job she wants.  It is difficult to keep her attention as she is begging for the next "like", "thumbs-up" or "favorite".  And if she can't find one... well, maybe she will just edit a photo to spice things up.

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Eddie Harris (Dog Show Security) – Eddie is just a dog show security guard, certainly, but he is studying to become a full-fledged investigator.  He has an incessant passion for crime dramas - Eddie can name every cast member and describe plot summaries for every NCIS episode that has aired.  He is not crazy about dogs, but his newfound puppy-love may be the distraction that could lead to his downfall.

DOG SHOW DEBACLE is written and produced by playwrights, actors, actresses and authors in Dallas / Forth Worth.  Contact us if you would like to get involved!

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