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It is a Saturday evening, and the CEO of FocusTec Laboratories just called an emergency online meeting. A large sum of money has been stolen, and the guilty party is on the call. Can you use your detective skills to help catch the mastermind before the meeting is over?


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Ben Browning (Chief Executive Officer) – Ben is a middle-aged, technically smart leader of FocusTec Laboratories.  Incredibly intelligent for his age, he doesn’t use that trait as a power tool.  Over time, he has learned to control his anger by choosing his words carefully before speaking.  As a result, he is visibly patient, but decisive when action is needed.  He has the respect of his team, and the company likes what he has done to build FocusTec Laboratories.



Karen Taylor (Head of Security and Operations) – Karen has been around corporate technology most of her career.  Karen always seems to have too many irons in the fire.  Between her home life, job responsibilities and Amazon addiction, Karen appears to not have everything in order.  However, at the end of the day, more often than not it is a controlled chaos.  That is, except for her spending habits, which have her maxed out on credit cards.  At work, her ability to navigate chaos makes her an excellent problem solver and an essential employee.

James Edge (Chief Technical Officer) – James is a career technologist.  In a social setting, James can be the life of the party.  However, at work, James often uses his knowledge to prove he is the smartest one in the room.  Because of this, others sometimes put up defensive mechanisms around James, and often try to find “faults in his armor.”  This leads to James always feeling attacked, having to defend himself.  He lives alone with his cat, Marbles, admits to a gambling problem, and spends most of his vacations in Las Vegas.

Martha Moorehead (Chief Financial Officer) – Martha is smart and confident leader.  She is the best at training her team to succeed and provides good feedback, and often her associates  outperform other departments.  Even with all that success, Martha has just gone through a bitter divorce that cost her a tremendous amount of money.   She has an aura of “better than you”, so when she does show compassion, people are often taken aback by it.

Cindy Markussen (Director of Human Resources) – Cindy is a corporate executive who is a positive, welcoming, and agreeable person.  She keeps this façade up to cover her problems with her teenage kids at home, who are often in and out of trouble with the law.  At work, people like Cindy ­­­– they feel she truly listens to them.  She has a very trusting nature, though sometimes to a fault.  She often believes exactly what is told to her, whether or not it is actually true.  


Diane Lowe (Finance Specialist) – Diane just graduated from a prestigious college.  The tuition has left her with serious bills, and this job is helping her pay them off.  Diane is a meticulous, hard-working associate.  However, she is not an executive, and it shows – she is not comfortable speaking with them or speaking up when she has an opinion.  She prefers to do her job and not get pulled into outside affairs.